The African Slide Tower featured four slides, two enclosed and two open.   The slides were named for rivers of Africa with the Oranje Falls, Limpopo Plunge, Ruiki Rush and Zambezi Zoom.

The slides were setup in pairs, with each pair having a central conveyor belt which carried the rafts back up to the top of the tower.
The tower was themed with simple touches like the railings fabricated with small sticks and the roof given the appearance of a log structure.

Like the other two slide complexes, the tower structure was fabricated using pressure treated lumber framework, with metal stair treads.  
The slides all ended with a small splash down at the bottom.   The end of each trough was open, and water spilled down into a drain where it was pumped back up to the top.

These pictures illustrate the elaborate framework of the tower structure.   Each tower was setup in the same configuration, with 2 sets of stairs in mirror images to each other.  One stairway was used for the ride queue, while the second was reserved for employee use as well as serving as an emergency exit.

Looking at the intricate wooden structure gives a real sense of how much time and effort went into construction by the teams of carpenters who assembled them.

Each slide complex had a map as part of its queue line theme elements.   The maps explained where the rivers represented by the slides were located, and gave some background on their significance to the environment and people who depend on them.

The two central green slides featured a steep drop through an enclosed tunnel, while the two outer white slides were open and featured a double drop for a somewhat scary pop of airtime.

The ride was great for parents and children to ride together offering a chance to cool off on hot days as well as a thrilling ride, which was tame enough for kids not yet ready to ride the park's big coasters.
Some of the details of the Africa Slide Tower, including the launch area at the top of the tower.   Boats are lined up on the rollers with passengers waiting for the signal to launch.  

Boats sit at the top of the conveyor awaiting placement on the launch platforms.

At the bottom, the splashdown areas sit cleared awaiting the next boats to arrive at the bottom.  As guests get out of their boats the attendant throws them on the conveyor to send them back up and signal the next boatload to dispatch.

 African Rivers

Technical Information

  Number of Rivers: 4 Open Slides
Slide Names (Left to Right):

Ruiki Rush
Limpopo Plunge


Height: 30 feet
Length: 240 feet with vertical curve
240 feet with vertical curve
235 feet with 110 foot tunnel
235 feet with 110 foot tunnel
  Speed: 30 mph
Height Requirement: Under 42 with Adult

Vertical curves