In spring of 1991, the wooden tower structure of the Asian Slides continues to rise in the coils of the Hydro Flume.

The tall wooden structure is an intricate framework that will be sturdy and graceful looking when completed.  

The sheer size of the tower is amazing to see from any angle, and hints at the incredible height and scale of the finished slides.
When the Asian tower is completed with its coils of twisted yellow tubes, it is quite an impressive site, and a dominant centerpiece for the whole Adventure Rivers area.

The four individual slides are laid out in mirror image pairs, starting and finishing at the same levels but are stacked through their twisted run.

The slides are called Kiso Cascade, Mekong Pipeline, Salween Surge, and Yangtze Chute, named for important rivers of Asia.

At the center of the tower are the twin conveyor that carry the rafts back to the top of the tower for the next riders.

The long tunnels feature lights along their course, which flash past as you slide to the bottom.

The combination of the yellow tubes with the red Asian style roof and red, gold, and green railings of the twin stair cases are a striking site.

The twisted tubes are supported by a delicate looking but sturdy wooden framework, which is truly a work of art and engineering genius.

One of the unique aspects of the Asian tower was its location inside the the upper coils of the Hydro Flume, and as you climbed the stairs to get to the platform for your long ride down you found yourself looking down on the passing flume boats. 
The theme elements of the Asian tower made it unique and interesting.   The area contained a map that showed where the namesake rivers are located and explained their significance to the people of Asia.
The massive coils of yellow tube were a spectacular sight from any angle.   Pathways and stairways offered views from many angles.

The pathways of Adventure Rivers passed through and under sections of the slides.

Trees around the slides made it look like a part of the scenery, and as the new plantings grew in, they added to the lush atmosphere.

Asian Rivers

Technical Information

  Number of Rivers:

4 Enclosed Slides

Slide Names (Left to Right):

Yangtze Chute
Salween Surge
Mekong Pipeline
Kiso Cascade


60 feet

Length: 660 feet to 690 feet

15 mph

Height Requirement:

Under 42 with Adult


10 direction changes               
nnel designs, stacked in pairs