Theme parks primary season is summer, and they are always looking for new ways to help guests cool off on those hot days.  Fountains are often a quick and easy way to help guests cool down and make the heat of the day more bearable.

Six Flags Great Adventure saw major investments for its youngest guests during the first decade of the new century with new rides and hardware just for them.  For three years straight, the park added back-to-back-to-back themed kiddie areas - Balin's Jungleland in 2005, Bugs Bunny National Park in 2006, and Wiggles World in 2007. 

Bugs Bunny National Park was added to supplement the attractions of Balin's Jungleland in an effort to bring up the kiddie ride count closer to what it was before Bugs Bunny Land was removed at the end of 2004.  The decision to add Bugs Bunny National Park was also driven by the availability of several "new" kiddie attractions after the closure of Houston, Texas' AstroWorld in 2005.  The Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots and the area's Water Tower were two of the transplanted features for the new Bugs Bunny National Park.
As the centerpiece of the Bugs Bunny National Park children's area, the Water Tower was added not only as a focal point, but also as a chance for guests to cool off on the hottest days with periodic sprays of water. Two shower heads, one directly under the tower's water tank and one protruding out the tank's side offer dual opportunities to get soaked when the predetermined timer releases its refreshing spray.

The design of the Water Tower was cartoonish, with slightly bulging sides and oversized faux rivets. Atop the tower's small "roof" was Bugs Bunny himself making an appearance through a hatch, welcoming kids to the National Park. The design was reminiscent of the famous Warner Brothers Studios water tower which is often depicted in cartoon form as a symbol of the movie studio. This cartoon studio-style design was incongruous with the rustic Bugs Bunny National Park theme, but the paint scheme was designed to fit the surrounding area.
The Bugs Bunny National Park Water Tower typically operates from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend.  The simple structure did not rival the grandeur of the much larger Splash Water Oasis water feature introduced as part of Balin's Jungleland in 2005. 

However, it still is very popular with children who enjoy splashing around it or grownups who knowingly (and sometimes unknowingly) pass underneath it and find themselves taking an unexpected shower.  Only that Wascally Wabbit himself would pull such a trick!
Original Spotlight:  August 18, 2020.  GAH Reference#:  KIDS-2006-001