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The Enterprise style ride was developed by Anton Schwarzkopf in the 1970's, and offered a new thrill to the traditional ferris wheel with the addition of inversion along with lifting into the vertical position. The rides were designed to be able to operate as portable models at fairs and as stationary models in amusement and theme parks around the world. The once popular ride is slowly disappearing from many parks as they grow older and newer, more thrilling rides are taking their place.

The Enterprise was a park model Enterprise III.
The Schwarzkopf ride catolg describing the Enterpise III is shown below:

The Enterprise was added to the park for the 1979 season along with Rolling Thunder and the Haunted Castle.  These rides were needed as the parks attendance grew, and crowds kept looking for bigger and better thrills each season.

 This was the park's second Enterprise ride, replacing the portable model that had been leased as part of the Fun Fair expansion in 1975.  This new version of the Enterprise was a park model, designed to be sunk into the ground rather than sitting on a framework and raised platform like the previous portable model.

The new ride was a space age blue, white and silver, and featured an elaborate lighting package which alternated red and white as it lifted and spun, creating a visual spectacle.

As the years progressed, the lighting configuration of the ride changed.  The once vertically placed red and white bulbs atop the spokes of the Enterprise wheel were attached horizontally starting in 2003, presumably to keep rainwater from trickling in and shorting out the sockets.  A couple of years later in 2005, the miniature bulbs were eliminated entirely and the ride was illuminated from below using spotlight type fixtures.  At the same time, the head and tail lights of the cars were replaced with energy efficient LED bulbs.


Technical Information
Manufacturer: Anton Schwarzkopf, Germany
Ride Model: Enterprise III
Type: Park Model
Number of Cars: 21
Number of Guests per Car: 2
Number of Guests per Cycle: 42
Ride Duration: 1.5 minutes
Ride Capacity: Approximately 1260 Riders/Hour
Direction of Travel: Clockwise
Lifting Power: Hydraulic
Maximum Lift: 90 degrees
Height of Ride: 65 feet
Decorative Lighting: 1200 red and white bulbs
Safety Restraint: Hinged Door atop Roof

Despite the Enterprise name and sleek silver ride vehicles which suggested a space theme, the ride was given a backdrop that suggested European half timber construction.  This theme would later be incorporated into the surrounding area in 1993 as the Old Country section of the park was created.

With the creation of Old Country, the Enterprise received a new name, becoming Spin Meister. 

The Enterprise's original queue made use of a bullpen- a large rectangular area at the end of the queue line which was used to assemble the proper number of people for the next ride cycle.  This setup required one employee to be stationed near the entrance gate to the ride area and one to operate the ride and watch the exit gate.  In 2003, the ride's bullpen was bypassed and the queue line was extended so that waiting guests entered the ride area just to the left of the operator's booth.  By centralizing the entrance, exit, and operators station all in one area, the number of employees needed to operate the ride was reduced.  This did however often cause increased loading times and decreased ride capacity.

Over the years the mechanical systems of the ride began to wear out, requiring more frequent preventative maintenance and suffering more and more downtime.



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Several complete rehabs of the ride failed to stop the slow deterioration and finally it became too costly to keep repairing the ride.  The ride's structure was on site and expected to reopen for the 2006 season, however during reassembly it became apparent that the ride would need to be removed, and the parts were taken to the park's boneyard where they remain today.

The former ride site was utilized as  one of the park's new designated smoking areas for the 2007 season, with the pit that had held the arm and hydraulics being filled in.

For the 2008 season the former ride site became home to the park's Cabana Rentals. 

Despite the ride's removal, the operators booth and motor house remained along with the exiting fences, serving as reminders of the lost ride.

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