October 21, 22, 28 & 29
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For the 1989 season, the park launched Halloweekends, a small and simple Halloween celebration.   Prior to that, the only celebration of the holiday involved employees being  encouraged to wear costumes to work on the final day of the season, which usually fell right around Halloween. 

The early event was simple, with some fall decorations like pumpkins and cornstalks being added around the park, and simple store-bought Halloween party decorations added here and there.

One of the first "attractions" added for Halloweekends was a simple hayride which ran through the park.

The event was primarily run by the park's Show Operations Department, and featured several small Halloween themed shows around the park.   The performers for these shows were sometimes hired specifically for the seasonal shows, and sometimes regular park employees who took on special roles for the event.  The park's Adventure Theatre which normally showed an action film on a dome which surrounded the audience showed cartoons of Casper the Friendly Ghost and Ghost Busters instead.

The park's "Map Boxes" which were also part of the Show Operations Department were decorated along with the signs on the show facilities that had closed for the season.

One of the first major investments the park made in the even was a set of Halloween banners to hang on Dream Street.

This was also the beginning of the parks "Pumpkin Men" which have been created every year since.