October 19, 20, 26 & 27
Great Adventure Hay Rides Battle of Sorcerers Great Adventure Costume Contest
  Halloween Game Show Great Adventure Halloween Parade
  Monster Magic Show  
  Witch's Brew  
The 1991 season added even more props and events throughout the park, and introduced the Battle of the Sorcerers complete with its own stage which was built for the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves show the park hosted over the summer. This was still very much a family friendly show to be a part of the family oriented events at the park. At the time Great Adventure was still very focused on rebuilding their reputation as a family park.   

In these early years, few people thought about coming to the park to celebrate Halloween, so cheap tickets were offered to entice guests.   The end of the season was also a good time for the park to clear out merchandise, so many of the park shops offered sales.

At the time, there was a rising fear among parents about letting kids trick-or-treat door to door, and the increasing popularity of Halloween celebrations everywhere led to further growth of the event each season. The combination of parents looking for safe alternatives to traditional trick or treating and the enticement of low crowds and discounted admission lead the event to grow each season.
  Great Adventure Hay Rides  
  Battle of Sorcerers  
Halloween Game Show  
Monster Magic Show
  Witch's Brew