October 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31
10 AM to 8 PM
Haunted Hayride Thriller II-Return of the Magical Spooktacular Fright Works
  Witches Brew - Storyteller of Tales Fright Fest Masquerade Extravaganza
  Tricks 'n Treats  
  Special FX  
  The Execution  
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The 1993 season saw drastic changes throughout the park as Six Flags management as a part of  Time Warner worked bring theme back to the parks and restore their family appeal.  

Fright Fest adopted a chain-wide logo featuring Bugs Bunny, and was billed as the "World's Biggest Halloween Party" Fright Fest evolved into an elaborate event, with more and better decorations added throughout the park, as well as additional shows and events. 

This was the first season the park's fountain was filled with red dye to make it look like blood.

The very popular Thriller show came back for a second season as Thriller II, and played to packed houses in the Showcase Theatre.

These photos show some of the elaborate sets created for the show, and the incredibly popular skeleton dance number.   The skeleton dance was the most memorable part of the show for many guests, and it featured a dance routine performed  to Harry Belafonte’s Jump In Line (Shake, Shake Senora) under blacklights. 

Pictured are some of the decorations including ever more elaborate pumpkin men, props and other seasonal displays.  

Another popular show was the Execution, which had a very realistic looking guillotine.

The biggest change for the 1993 season was the Hayride.   Up to that season, hayrides were family friendly, but the new version was a much darker and scarier affair. The new version of the hayride took guests outside the confines of the park, and into the backstage areas, that had been transformed into a tour of the weird and scary. The park's staff was encouraged to be creative and built simple sets and props to create a storyline. The "Camp O'Neill" sign is a tribute to the driving force behind much of the innovations made for Fright Fest at Great Adventure, Bob O'Neill.

Many of the props for the hayride were created from bits and pieces laying around the park unused.   Some, like the alligator were created for attractions which were removed or never installed.   Others came from other parks, like the closed Six Flags Power Plant.

  For the first time the Fountain was blood red.  
  The first scary hayride debuted in 1993.  
    Hollywood style spotlights illuminated the night sky.