October 6,13,20,27 - 5PM to 11PM
October 9 - 10AM to 6PM
October 7,14,21,28 - 10AM to 10PM
October 8,15,22,29 - 10AM to 8PM
  Hayride to the Unknown   Night Creatures Starring the Cryptkeeper   Fright Works
  Witches Brew Halloween Masquerade Ball
  Wacky Dracky's Side Show of Horrors Hay Maze 
   The Execution  
    Legend of the Lost Diver  
    Bad Bob the Bone Butcher   = Click For Video
Some of the new events for 1995 included "Legend of the Lost Diver" in the Aqua Stadium which featured a stunt dive with the diver on fire. More new props were added, including a cemetery in the Viper queue area. Showcase Theatre was taken over for a new show, staring the Crypt Keeper from the show Tales From the Crypt.

Back for a second season was the Fright Works fireworks show on the lake.  The "Hayride To The Unknown" continued on for a third season despite construction which had begun for Skull Mountain in the same backstage area.  The props for the hayride continued becoming bigger and more specialized as the crowds grew larger and expected more and more sophistication.  
Stage for The Execution being assembled.    
  Various props around the park.   
  Grateful Dead performs at the Gazebo.  Ghoul in The Right Stuff intertior queue. 
Tombstones added near the Viper coaster.  Halloween-themed diving show. 
Witches Brew stage in Bugs Bunny Land.     
  Hay Maze near the Great Lake Grandstand.   
  Hayride prep work at the end of September.   
    Freshly removed Adventure Rivers fountain used as a prop near the hayride entrance. 
The Hayride to the Unknown parallels the water behind the Buccaneer. 
Bloody Fountain.  Ghouls assemble for the finale of the Fright Works fireworks.