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1.  What was the name of Great Adventure’s first petting zoo?

2. What was the original name of the Dream Street store that contained a giant silver tree?

3. What male pop singer's voice was featured in an 80's TV commercial?

4.  On what date did Skull Mountain open?

5. Which War on Lines ride was originally planned to be installed between Batman The Ride and the Batman Stunt Arena?

6.  True or False:  The Antique Cars were gas powered.

7. What Spotlight featured the song "Play That Funky Music"?

8. How old was Warner LeRoy when he died?

9. Including tax, how much was a ticket to Hurricane Harbor during its first season?

10.  Which Spotlight contains the most photos?

11. What is the name of's newsletter?

12.  What Great Adventure attraction used the tag line "Bigger & Brighter"?

13.  True or False:  The Great Train Ride is not included in the Enchanted Forest View Master reels.

14.  What was our Dec 23, 2008 Great ADVENTure Calendar wish?

15.  Can items listed on's Trading Post be purchased?

16.  What film was playing in the Adventure Theater in 1983?

17.  What ride was “so wild” when it opened that is sprained necks and had to be reprofiled?

18.  What creature invaded the park in 1989?

19.  Which of the adult rides installed as part of the War on Lines were open on the first day of the 1999 season?

20.  In what season was the name "Yum Yum Palace" scrapped?

21.  Where was the show "Imperial Warriors of the Qin Dynasty" performed?

22.  What is the full name of's upcoming book on the history of GA?

23.  GAH is fortunate to have two members that worked in the Safari in 1974.  What are their names?

24.  What was the subject of our first "Planned But Never Built" Spotlight?

25.  Where on our site would you find the words "Jumbo Jet 1975 - Built and removed without good reason, did you ever open in the '75 season?"

26.  Name four films that were used as themes in Great Adventure's 1993 Movietown section of the park.

27. Which Great Adventure ride was removed and sent to Six Flags Atlantis Water Park?

28.  Which ride accommodated more people during a ride cycle - Rodeo Stampede or Pendulum?

29.  Name three Great Adventure attractions you rode standing up.

30.  What was's first ride/attraction specific Spotlight?

31. Name three Spotlights that include "How it Works" information.

32. Which was taller, Lightnin Loops or the Sarajevo Bobsled?

33.  How many videos are there in our "Videos - Rides, Attractions, and Events" folder?

34.  What's the name of's annual awards for recognizing our member's favorite rides and attractions?

35. True or False:  Any member of can have their own photo album in our galleries.

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