In 1989, King Kong joined the lineup of attractions added to Great Adventure's theme park as part of its Halloweekends event. Standing over 70 feet tall, this one ton vinyl coated nylon ape was anchored on a temporary plywood platform mounted upon the Big Wheel's queue bars.  Tethered to the Big Wheel by nylon ropes, the huge ape was erected using constant cold air inflation provided by a 450 pound 5hp blower.

A similar inflatable was used in New York City as part of the 50th anniversary of the movie King Kong.  This Kong was brought to the park as a way of saying thank you to all the guests who made 1989 a comeback season for Great Adventure.


As part of the King Kong Encounter, the park's Gorilla Photo backdrop and giant ape hand were moved across the park from its regular location near the entrance to the Western Section.  This photo opportunity provided for unique pictures with the massive King Kong inflatable behind them.  After the event, both King Kong and the photo prop were permanently removed from the Great Adventure.

Press Release and Fact Sheet for King Kong Encounter