The challenge of building a new ride or area is sometimes figuring out how to get guests over or under another attraction so everything can continue to safely operate.  Quite often bridges, ramps, or stairs are used to give access across a ride's path, while also offering new views of the ride and riders below.

The 1999 season at Great Adventure was a big one with the introduction of 28 new rides throughout the park as it declared a "War on Lines."  Twelve of the new rides were a collection of new kids/family attractions which were added as part of a new themed area called Looney Tunes Seaport. It replaced the Adventure Rivers area which had debuted in 1991, and was itself removed in anticipation of the addition of Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in 2000.
The Asian portion of the Adventure Rivers area had been built in the infield of the park's Hydro Flume track and to access four of the slides guests have to use a set of stairs to cross the flume's trough. Stairs are not a practical entrance for a children's area since many parents have strollers, so an additional entrance was added over another portion of the flume's ground level trough. A lengthy bridge with ramps was constructed over the run out of the flume's  final drop. Not only did this create a new perspective to view the flume boats as they splashed down, but also offered a new place for coin operated water blasters on the bridge to soak the riders.
Looney Tunes Seaport's layout include land both inside and outside of the Hydro Flume's track.  As a result, it often meant that guests sometimes wouldn't realize there was more to see and do just on the other side of the flume. Signs were added to the bridge to help guests find their way to the other rides.

The approach ramps to the bridge sported low waste-high railings.  However, the portion which spanned the Hydro Flume track and splash basins had another set of wooden fencing above the railing which prevented guests from accidentally falling into the waterway's path.

For the 2007 season, the Hydro Flume was removed making way for the addition of Wiggles World.  Wiggles World brought with it a retheme of the attractions outside the old flume's path while the attractions inside the flume would remain as a reduced Looney Tunes Seaport area.  With the flume gone, the bridge could have been removed but was not, creating a gateway between Wiggles World and Looney Tunes Seaport.

The area around and under the bridge was landscaped to replace all the old concrete flume and splash area and the flume's circular loading station next to the bridge would become the Wiggles World Theater stage.

Though the Hydro Flume was gone remnants remained for many years including one of the sprinkler heads from the coin operated water blasters and the corresponding number that would have matched the number on the controller on the bridge.
The long and winding bridge has had varying though minimal theme elements added as part of its life in Looney Tunes Seaport. The bulk of the elements have been fishing floats strung between the nautical light fixtures along the railings, decorative life rings, and plywood Looney Tunes character cutouts.
For 2014, the bridge took on a more streamline look with all the decorative props removed as well the upper fencing level and the accompanying vertical posts.  With the flume's water trough long removed the danger of falling off the bridge into a hazardous area no longer existed.  Over time the landscaping had grown in more and more, leaving little trace of the Hydro Flume's existence offering just landscape vistas to admire.
The bridge has stood for more than 20 years through all of the park's events each season. With the addition of Holiday in the Park in 2015, the bridge was decorated with a series of colorful trees of ribbon as part of the area's Whimsical Wonderland overlay.  Special wooden shelve attachments dotted the bridge complete with electrical supply allowing the small trees to glisten in the sunshine and twinkle at night with thousands of miniature lights.
Since the Looney Tunes Seaport Bridge debuted in 1999 as a connector for the two portions of its kiddie rides, half of the Seaport has been rethemed and the other half removed.  And while the bridge serves no specific use at this point since the Hydro Flume it spanned has been long gone, it still exits as the areas all around it have been completely redeveloped. For the 2021 season the new Jersey Devil Coaster was added along with its own mini themed area now called The Pinelands. For 2022, Jr. Thrillseekers was added creating a new kids section to replace the once front portion of Looney Tunes Seaport.   So while even though the Looney Tunes Seaport name at the park may no longer exist and the bridge's usefulness may have been greatly diminished, an elevated wooden winding path tucked far away in a distant corner of the park lives on as the Looney Tunes Seaport Bridge.
Original Spotlight:  March 27, 2022.  GAH Reference#:  FACI-1999-002