Puppet shows have a long history with amusement areas, from Punch and Judy shows at carnivals to modern theme park productions.  These shows have taken many forms from storytelling entertainment for young children to comedy for adults. In modern theme parks these shows were often designed to appeal to all ages, with jokes played on grownups to the amusement of their children.


As part of a major focus on in-park entertainment, a puppet stage was added for the 1977 season next to the Traffic Jam bumper cars.  Originally the venue was used to present puppets ranging in size from hand puppets to full size characters in body suits.


Under a new owner for the 1978 season, Six Flags Great Adventure changed the stage to the Perthy P. Pelican puppet show.  Perthy P. Pelican would play to laughing audiences six days a week - every day except Wednesday when Perthy supposedly was "Gone Fishin'".

The small puppet theater was nautically themed to match the nearby Aqua Stadium and the surrounding Neptune's Kingdom area of the park.  The cedar plank-clad  theater offered seating on rustic log benches under the canopy of trees.

Guests exiting the Grand Prix raceway and later the Buccaneer swing ship that replaced it were deposited right next to the audience of the Perthy P. Pelican Puppet Show stage.

Shows at the
Perthy P. Pelican's Puppet Show Stage
1978-1984 Perthy P. Pelican Puppet Show
1985 Gadzooks
1986-1989 Salty Dog
1990 Dastardly Dragon
1991 Rappunzel
1992 Dr. Samuel Gladstone's Medicine Show
1993 Boy O'Buoy
1994 Reel Time
After several seasons the show was updated to Gadzooks for the 1985 season, then in 1986 becoming the Salty Dog. The shows all shared the same basic theme with a wisecracking puppet voiced by a talented performer who would interact with the audience as well as passersbys. Occasionally  the jokes made at the expense of the audience resulted in somewhat disgruntled guests who would lay in wait outside the door to the theater looking to confront the performer. In cases like this, a security escort was sometimes required to insure the peace. 
As the seasons passed, the show was toned down with the introduction of Dastardly Dragon and Rap-punzel, and changed completely with the introduction of Dr. Samuel Gladstone's Medicine Show in 1992. As the show was toned down it lost its popularity, with Boy O'Buoy in 1993 and finally Reel Time for the 94 season.

In 1995, the Cinema 180 Adventure Theater was converted to the Looney Tunes Lakeside Theater.  With the addition of this new show venue, the once popular puppet stage was removed from the park.

The puppet stage area was left vacant until 1999 when the Spinnaker ride was introduced as part of the "War on Lines". 

The site has most recently been used for the  Fantasy Fling ride.

Similar shows have run at many other Six Flags parks, with character's names like Buford Buzzard. The Perthy P. Pelican show was even exported to another park, running as part of the entertainment lineup at the short lived Six Flags Atlantis Waterpark in Hollywood, FL.