To dress up the Safari Exploration Station, several fiberglass animals dotted the area's landscape providing colorful climb structures and displays for children to crawl on and cuddle up with in photographs.  Many of the animals, including a giraffe, camel, and lion originally served as obstacles on the theme park's Miniature Marvels Miniature Golf Course.  A kangaroo figure which once stood in the center of the Koala Canyon kiddie water park in Adventure Rivers where the baby joey spitted water from its mother's pocket was also part of the menagerie.  Three of the figures were new to the Safari Exploration Station - an alligator, Bengal tiger, and a Siberian tiger.  In the years following the closure of the Station, an elephant slide and tree stump were relocated from the theme park's shuddered Balin's Jungle Land.  These were brought over for the children that participated in the park's summertime Safari camp.

The exact location of each animal in the Station varied from year to year, usually adjusted to complement the other structures, features, and landscaping of the area.  The tallest figure, a standing giraffe, was comically placed about the land in numerous spots to entice guests to visit or welcome them at the front entrance.