The introduction of the Safari Exploration Station coincided with the reconfiguration of Great Adventure's entrance ways.  Up until the end of 2006 the main roadway off of Route 537 simply lead straight into the Safari gates with a left hand turn roadway available for Hurricane Harbor, a right hand turn roadway for the theme park, and a Safari Hospitality Center turn off available before the Safari gates.  In 2007, the Safari entrance was rerouted so that anyone who accessed the area had to pass through the Safari toll plaza to reach the Safari Exploration Station.  This regulated the number of unpaying visitors to the Station.

This realignment saw the demise of the original Safari Hospitality Center turn off as well as the elimination of a roadway between the Center and the Safari toll plaza which was primarily used by the tour buses that left from this area.  The removal of both this entrance and roadway allowed for expansion room which accommodated the addition of the new Cleo and Kumai's Theater as well as the Pony Rides attraction.

The parking lot for the Safari Exploration Station also saw alterations with the twin grass medians being removed allowing for additional parking.  The fiberglass animal props once found on the medians were relocated into the Safari Exploration Station itself.