After a long hot ride through the Safari many guests were ready for a cold drink or something to eat, and the Safari Hospitality Center's Safari Hut catered to their needs with picnic benches for those who brought their own meals and a snack bar for those who wanted to purchase a lunch or snack.  The size of the food facility was typical of the stands which dotted the theme park.  However, given its remote location and far fewer guests the stand did not reach the levels of popularity and profitability of its theme park counterparts.  Even so, the stand operated for nearly two decades before being shuttered and standing unused for several years.

The Safari Hut food outlet was converted into a kennel facility for the park after the demolition of the original "Park-A-Pet" building was removed in 2004 to make way for Kingda Ka.  The counters of the food stand were removed opening up the front half of the building allowing walk in access to several temporary displays, while the back half kitchen area had all of its food preparation equipment removed and became the kennel facilities.