The Great Adventure Safari opened as one of the main attractions in 1974, with many guests coming for the Safari alone.  Being the "Largest Drive Thru Safari Outside of Africa" made the Safari a marquee attraction at a time when safari parks were major tourist attractions throughout the country.  Part of the Safari was a complex of buildings known as the Safari Hospitality Center, which offered all the creature comforts people driving through the Safari could need.

The Safari Hospitality Center area was left as wooded as possible like most of the park. Many of the trees surrounding the structures were large pines, which provided shade and scented the air. Included in the facilities was a food stand selling snacks and drinks, a small gift shop, an outpost of the park's Guest Relations windows, large restroom facilities and the bus stop for those wishing to not take their own vehicle through the park. Also part of the Safari Hospitality area was Great Adventure's Kennel facilities, where guests visiting either the theme park or Safari could keep their pets for the day.

After the purchase of the park by Six Flags, the Lion Sign which was formerly on Route 537 at the entrance was moved to the Safari parking area in a picture taking area.  Fiberglass animals were not only great props for family photos, but also offered a great way for kids to unwind after being trapped in the family car for the duration of the Safari tour.

The Safari Hospitality area remained largely unchanged from the park's opening in 1974 until 2004 when the Kennel was demolished to make way for the massive tower for Kingda Ka. The kennel facilities were relocated into one of the other structures in the Hospitality area.  For the 2007 season big changes would come to the facilities with upgrades and improvements along with a name change as the Safari Hospitality area became the Wild Safari Exploration Station.