Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New Jersey- Blue Lagoon Wave Pool

The centerpiece of most water parks is the wave pool, and at Hurricane Harbor the Blue Lagoon is a remarkable feature, with an elaborate shipwreck themed backdrop housing the wave making apparatus. The waves gently crash on the wide beach surrounded by lounge chairs.

The Blue Lagoon wave pool features several thousand gallons of sparkling water with giant waves created on command every few minutes.

Waves are created with giant tanks behind the decorative backdrop at the far end of the pool. When the water is released, the waves swell and travel towards the shore.
Technical Information
Water Complex: Wave Pool
Complex Name: The Blue Lagoon
Manufacturer: Aquatic Development
Surface Area: 42,250 sq ft
Turn Over Rate: 0.92 hours
Volume: 92,800 cubic feet
Capacity: 696,060 gal
Flow Rate: 12,650 gpm

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The Blue Lagoon