Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New Jersey- Entrance Area


The addition of Six Flags Hurricane Harbor required the addition of all the infrastructure for a brand new park including new entrance and exit roads, parking lot and utilities.

The new entrance road led to a new set of parking toll booths which were tropically themed to match the new park. Along the entrance road signs helped to tell the story of Hurricane Harbor as guests arrived.

The park's perimeter fence included a unique palm tree and pineapple design.



The parking lot for Hurricane Harbor was intentionally built larger than necessary to create additional parking for busy days at the theme park.  The lot was paved but additional grassy areas were left for future parking areas if needed.
The Hurricane Harbor parking lot also serves as the park's helipad for VIP visitors as well as for the park's mosquito control program helicopter. The helipad features a windsock and information regarding the takeoff and landing of aircraft.

The lot is divided into sections which were originally delineated by signs featuring the Looney Tunes characters in aquatic settings. These would later be replaced with M&M Marrs candies names with the corporate sponsorship of the candy maker.
Hurricane Harbor is on the edge of the park's property, backing up to the neighboring paintball range.

Tram service connects Hurricane Harbor with the theme park, allowing guests to go back and forth between the two, as well as the guest drop-off area.
When entering Hurricane Harbor guests pass through an impressive portal, setting the scene for the tropically themed park beyond.

The entrance portal and much of the architecture inside the park are reminiscent of Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure theme park which had opened the previous year and impressed Six Flags executives so much that they wanted to incorporate elements of the fantastic architecture of Port of Entry into the new waterpark.

Originally the entry way to the park featured a planter in front of the portal, but that was later replaced with a jumping fountain attraction offering guests a chance to get wet before even entering the park.

The fanciful design of the portal features moving elements and is just as impressive when entering the park or exiting.

Once on the pathway into the park, guests wind past lush landscaping and dunes separating the park  from the parking lot.



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Like the truly immersive themed experiences found in places like Disney and Universal parks, Hurricane Harbor was created with a storyline and theme elements that helped tell the story.

The story of Hurricane Harbor was that of Copernicus T Potter, an explorer who while searching for the fountain of youth discovered an island of friendly natives known as the Bada Bings and ruled by King Kukookachoo.

Hurricane Harbor was the island he discovered, and throughout the island guests get to see and experience the unique inventions of Potter and the island's inhabitants.

Throughout the park elaborate props were added including boats and nautical paraphernalia and several elaborate props created for Hurricane Harbor. Over time some of those props have succumbed to the elements.

The entrance to the park itself features a cluster of ticket booths, each one uniquely decorated.

Originally it was planned that each would be a unique shape and style, but instead they were all built identically with cosmetic differences making each one different.


Entering the park, guests pass through a simple but nicely themed gate, passing the Guest Relation building and Season Pass center for Hurricane Harbor. Like the ticket booths, the building is colorful and whimsical featuring sea creatures and bold designs.
After passing through the gate, guests follow the path and arrive at the bridge which serves as the passage to Hurricane Harbor and the park's central hub on an island known as The Village.
Directional Signs

Some of the many directional signs from the Hurricane Harbor entrance way

Keeping guests from walking over the berm has always been a challenge
Promotional Banners

Informational Signs

Some of the dozens of informational signs that have been posted along Hurricane Harbor's entrance.