Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New Jersey- Hurricane Mountain Waterslide Complex

Hurricane Mountain was the first new attraction added to Hurricane Harbor, joining the lineup in 2001 for the park's second season.

The new complex added an additional six slides including 4 tube slides and two toboggan slides.  The toboggan slides feature a separate entrance and a central conveyor belt to haul the toboggan boats to the top of the tower.

The slides are named for famous hurricanes and each offers a unique ride experience on a very colorful slide complex.
Technical Information
Water Complex: Hurricane Slides
Complex Name: Hurricane Mountain
Manufacturer: Whitewater West Industries
Number of Slides: 6
  Inner Tube Slides: 4
  Toboggan Slides: 2
Height: 51'
Speed: 15 mph
Colors: Yellow, Lime Green, Burnt Orange,
Flame Red, Teal, Blue
Features: Electronic eye is used to sense the Guests'
motion activating a "water gauntlet"
drenching Guests as the descend
the flumes.  This is
the first
of its kind in the water park industry.

Click the placard below for video of
Hurricane Mountain