Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New Jersey Park Overview

From its very inception, great care was taken to keep and make Hurricane Harbor as lush and green as possible, preserving the existing trees whenever possible and enhancing the foliage with tropical plants and landscaping to make it truly feel like an island paradise.

The park's landscaping crews plant thousands of flowers each season to enhance the landscape along with maintaining the tropical foliage which is replanted from greenhouses where it spends the winters.

Hurricane Harbor also features a large white sand volleyball court area which also plays host to concerts and other special events throughout the summer season.

For concerts, a stage can be erected and the beach chairs moved onto the sand from other areas of the park for guests to relax and enjoy the show. A small temporary refreshment stand is also often used as part of events on the volleyball courts.

Every summer sand sculptors make incredible creations using the sand to create temporary masterpieces which last for a few days until the elements take them back down to earth.

The sand castles and sculptures are amazing to see for their height, beauty and whimsy.

The only restaurant not on the Island is Kukachoo's Cafe which served a limited menu of generic park foods until it was converted into a Papa John's Pizza location for the 2006 season.

For the 2009 season Kukachoo's was completely remodeled, adding to the building to create a Johnny Rockets Express location alongside the Papa Johns and offering more food choices in Hurricane Harbor. 

Additional food and merchandise carts have come and gone all over Hurricane Harbor.  Some of the stands have been highly themed, fitting in with the tropical look, while others have been very generic.



Hurricane Harbor also features its own First Aid Station complete with a little ambulance in case of injuries or illness in the park. 

In case there wasn't enough to do in Hurricane Harbor, an upcharge attraction named X-treme Trampoline was added to the park from 2003 to 2007.  Once removed, the area for the ride was converted to a dining patio for the neighboring food stand.

A way to cool off quickly between slides is to walk through the snake sprayers, a tower of snake heads spitting cold water along the pathway between the slide complexes.
The Benches of Hurricane Harbor
One of the most popular additions to Hurricane Harbor was the introduction of cabanas available for rental.  The Cabanas lined one side of the Blue Lagoon wave pool and offered a great place to relax between slides. They proved so popular the number of Cabanas was doubled to accommodate the demand.