Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New Jersey- Big Bambu and Reef Runner Family Water Slides

The Big Bambu and Reef Runner slides utilize large family style rafts which run down 14 foot wide chutes, one open (Reef Runner) and one partially enclosed (Big Bambu). The large rafts are brought to the top of the tower via conveyor belt that runs up the center of the ride.

Reef Runner takes advantage of its open design, passing through the trees which were intentionally left as close to the chute as possible, adding to the sense of speed and height. The open trough creates the illusion of danger as the rafts go up the walls as they fly through the corners. 
Technical Information
Slide Complex: Family Raft Ride
Complex Name: The Big Bambu & Reef Runner
Manufacturer: Proslide Technology Inc. - Ottawa, Ontario
Slide Name: Big Bambu Reef Runner
Slide: Flume #1 Flume #2
Ride Type: Extreme CrossWater Adventure ClearWater
Ride Series: Kilimanjaro Series Colorado Series
Open/Enclosed: Combination Open
Flume Style: ProSlide 144" Tunnel ProSlide 14' Open Slide
Slide/ProSlide 14' Open 
Slide Color(s): Orange, Burnt Orange, Flame Red
and Yellow
Length: 363.4' 621.8'
Drop: 64.8' 64.8'
Average Grade: 19.40% 11.20%
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Big Bambu &
Reef Runner

In many respects, the family slide complex harkens back to the slides of Adventure Rivers as passengers ride in the rafts with rubber bottoms on them rather than in the tubes that the other slide complexes utilize.