Theme parks have all relied on advertising to reach the public and drive attendance. Many of these campaigns feature jingles or tag lines that remain part of the popular culture long after the ad campaign is retired.

At the start of the 2004 season, Six Flags rolled out a new national ad campaign with the new tagline "It's Playtime!" focusing on how with the busy lives people lead they need to take time to get out and do things as a family. To introduce the new campaign, ads featuring an old man driving a bus to Six Flags stops and turns on some music and begins dancing like a much younger man to the amazement of those watching, who also get into the act and board the bus for Six Flags. The combination of the old man, the bus and the catchy song by the Venga Boys quickly saturated pop culture with spoofs and parodies appearing on TV shows and the web. While many critics (including the company's new board of directors) criticized the campaign as "confusing", there is little doubt it was effective, with the old man (later known as "Mr. Six") and the song becoming synonymous with Six Flags even after the ad campaign was pulled and replaced.
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Featuring the Six Flags Bus

As part of the ad campaign, an old bus was purchased for Great Adventure and painted like the one featured in the commercials and put on display in the park . The bus was even fitted with vanity license plates "MRSIX 1". The plates were issued from Oklahoma, then home to the Six Flags corporate offices. 
The bus stood as a stationary display for photographs in the Boardwalk area of the park. For a time a cutout of Mr. Six was displayed on the fence next to the bus with the corporate sponsor Pentax Cameras incorporated into the image. With the retirement of Mr. Six as the corporate mascot, the bus was pulled out of the park during the 2007 season.
The bus was placed in backstage areas of the park where it sat for several seasons, first behind the Northern Star Arena and then in the employee parking lot.  It was brought back into the park with slight modifications as part of the new Adventure Alley section of the park in the 2012 season.
The reintroduced bus now featured the Adventure Alley logo on the sides along with Great Adventure's original balloon logo and rainbow logo on the back and front ends. The bus was parked in an otherwise empty area of the park near the Fender Bender Bumper Cars bringing new color as part of the remodeled section.

The nod to Great Adventure's past on the Six Flags bus served to compliment the retro flavor of the family-friendly flat rides and historic themed Deja Vu Scrambler that made the Adventure Alley section retheming such a popular addition in 2012.

The Six Flags bus was featured as a souvenir kid's meal toy at Wendy's fast food establishments.  The plastic model with working wheels was also an image viewer featuring a picture of Six Flags that could be seen through a lens in the rear of the bus.