Benches of many shapes and sizes are one of the most important parts of any park, offering a place to sit and rest during a long day of walking and standing in line.

A really cool and unique feature at Great Adventure was the "Station Bench" which was located next to the Flying Wave. The wooden bench featured an elaborate roof structure and delicate ironwork and scroll brackets. The bench resembled the architecture of the Great Train Ride station.

The roof also served as a place to hang plants like ferns. The bench was a nice, shady place to sit and relax, watching the Flying Wave spin and the Big Wheel turn. It was the perfect spot for parents to watch and wait as their children enjoyed the neighboring rides. 
The large bench stood for twenty five seasons as the attractions around it came and went. Over time the paint was freshened up and the shingles on the roof were replaced to keep it fresh and nice looking.
With the larger size of the footprint of Sky Screamer, the bench was eliminated in the 2011-2012 off season.  It surely would have seen increased usage if it had remained as this underutilized area became Adventure Alley.