The Troika ride was developed by Huss manufacturing in the mid-1970's and Great Adventure received one of the first models in 1975. Many parks have installed newer models of the same ride in the years since.

In 1975, Great Adventure made a major expansion with the addition of the Fun Fair area of the park. The park increased the number of attractions by 50% with the new section of flat rides which included the Wild Flower Troika.

The Wild Flower was one of the very first Troika style rides manufactured. The ride was leased with an option to buy from Willy Miller's Continental Park Attractions, though the park did not exercise the option to buy the ride.
The name Wild Flower reflected the ride's elaborate floral artwork featured on the central column and ride vehicles. Like many of the rides in the park, it featured an elaborate lighting package with hundreds of bulbs to light up the night and add to the excitement after dark.

 Unlike most Troika rides, the Wild Flower featured a central tower of lights adding to the visual appeal of the ride.  That central tower was designed to feature the ride's signage when used as part of a fair or carnival as well as to add additional lighting.

The ride was renamed the Wild Rider after the first season, though it was sometimes simply referred to by its common name, Troika.
The Wild Flower lasted only three seasons in the park, being removed at the end of the 1977 season. 

In 1978 the park's Matterhorn ride was relocated to the former Troika site, keeping the extra long queue area though it exceeded the Matterhorn's needs.
Original Spotlight:  May 26, 2011; Updated:  July 10, 2020.  GAH Reference #:  RIDE-1975-008.