Warner Awards 2007 Ballot

Vote for your Six Flags Great Adventure Favorites from the 2007 season:

  Best Show 2007:  
  Spirit of the Tiger
Island Party (Dolphins & Sea Lions)
Get Ready To Wiggle
Steinfigur Garten
Fire Flys
  Best Themed Section 2007:  
  Wiggles World
Plaza del Carnaval
The Golden Kingdom
Frontier Adventures
Bugs Bunny National Park
  Best Restaurant 2007:  
  Best of the West
Granny's Fried Chicken
The Character Cafe
La Cocina
Conestoga Wagon
  Best Snack Stand 2007:  
  Spinmeister Drinks
Dippin Dots
Butterfly Fries
Sweet Cakes & Cones
Fast Track Snacks
Watering Hole
  Best Name Brand Food 2007:  
  Johnny Rockets
Papa Johns
Nathan's Famous
The Carnegie Deli
Coldstone Creamery
Panda Express
  Best Game or Arcade 2007:  
  Castle Arcade
Shooting Gallery
Studio 28
Boardwalk Game Center
  Best Shop 2007:  
  Looney Tunes Shoppe
Kingdom Traders
Balin's Bazaar
The Wiggles Shop
Main Street Market
  Best Hurricane Harbor Attraction 2007:  
  Take it Eez Ee Creek
Hurricane Mountain
Blue Lagoon
Discovery Bay
Reef Runner/The Big Bambu
  Best Wild Safari Attraction 2007:  
  Cleo & Kumai's Theater
Doc's Discoveries
The Elephants
The European Brown Bears
The Tigers
  Best Event 2007:  
  Fright Fest
The Hannity Freedom Concert
Coasters After Dark
Fairgrounds: Out at Night
Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huckjam
  Best Fright Fest Attraction 2007:  
  Dead Man's Party
Cavalcade of the Odd
Elvira's Superstition
The aWAKEning
The New Terror Trails

The Arena of Doom
  Best New Feature or Policy 2007:  
  The No Smoking Policy Enforcement
Expanded FlashPass Facilities
Streetmosphere Characters
Brunch With Bugs
Wiggles World
  Best Kids Ride 2007:  
  The Big Red Planes
The Big Red Cars
Monkey Around
Road Runner Railway
Daffy Duck's Hot Air Balloons
  Best Flat Ride 2007:  
  The Big Wheel
The Parachutes
The Enchanted Teacups
Houdini's Great Escape
The Skyride
  Best Roller Coaster 2007:  
  Batman: The Ride
El Toro
Kingda Ka
Runaway Mine Train
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