The following is a collection of photographs taken during a winter tour of Six Flags Great Adventure in 1982.  The tour was arranged through Larry Cochran who was the General Manager of the park at the time.

The 1982 map below illustrates the path of the guided tour starting at the security gate located at Number 1 all the way though to our return at Number 35.

Over 25 years later it is interesting to see how much the park has changed since the tour.

CLICK THE MAP ABOVE TO RETURN TO THE 1982 PARK MAP. 1. The tour started at a backstage security gate which stood near the current site of the Great American Scream Machine entrance. 2. The first stop was to observe the construction and pieces of the Joust-A-Bout which was new for 1982.  The ride was being built towards the rear of the new Goodtime Alley games area.
CLICK THE MAP ABOVE TO RETURN TO THE 1982 PARK MAP. 3.  The next stop was Rolling Thunder with its double lift hill cutting through the not yet developed neighboring woods. 3. Up in the station we had an opportunity to see Rolling Thunder's control panels upclose and look out upon the ride.
Fast Fact:  Six Flags Great Adventure was owned by Bally Corporation in 1982.
3. Traveling down the service area stairs and past the transfer track area, our next stop was the maintenance shed. 3. Inside one of Rolling Thunder's trains was being rehabbed.  
CLICK THE MAP ABOVE TO RETURN TO THE 1982 PARK MAP. 4. Next it was on to the Best of the West section where we explored the drained Log Flume reservoir. 4. During the winter months the Best of the West Barbeque received extensive roof work including the installation of a new skylight.
Fast Fact:  Although the number and styles of the structures in the Best of the West section of the park have remained constant, many alterations to these attractions have taken place over the years.   Changes have included new roofs and roof lines for the Best of the West Barbeque and Bandstand on the Lake, a different siding pattern and roof on the Fort, and an updated water wheel on the Log Flume's mill building.  
5. Off in the distance, the Bandstand on the Lake's roof was being remodeled to enclose the open-air features of its original design and to allow for all-weather protection of its guests.    
CLICK THE MAP ABOVE TO RETURN TO THE 1982 PARK MAP. 6. Traveling down the lower end of Dream Street we noticed new planters and shrubs being added to the Dream Street Tent fronts. 7.  Turning towards the new Goodtime Alley games area, we could smell the scent of cedar planking and fresh paint.
Fast Fact:  A late afternoon fire in December 1981 destroyed Great Adventure's original Fortune Festival games area.  The park invested $1.1 million in constructing a new and improved arcade section.  
7.  The new game stands were nearly completed except for their decorative illuminated trim.    
CLICK THE MAP ABOVE TO RETURN TO THE 1982 PARK MAP. 8.  Scaffolding stood next to the Carousel as a fresh coat of paint was applied to the canopy ceiling. 9. The Monster Spin's empty arms were ready to receive their spinning car assemblies.
10. The faded scoops of the Yum Yum Palace patiently waited one more winter for the new flavors and topping that were added when it was repainted in 1983. 11. The Fountain had been drained for the off-season. 11.  Without water it  was easy to see the spouts and lights on the bottom.
CLICK THE MAP ABOVE TO RETURN TO THE 1982 PARK MAP. 12. No one was found in the upper Dream Street area, not even at the Cookie Shoppe. 13.  The Big Wheel was ready as usual to welcome new guests.
14. Our tour guide took us past the Flying Wave which has been partially reassembled. 15. The Traffic Jam Bumper Car's decorative panels and lighting had been removed for the winter months. 16.  Mechanics were working on the lap bar restraints of the Buccaneer.
Fast Fact:  All the rides in and around the Strawberry Fair section had one thing in common - colorful nighttime lighting.  
16. Meanwhile the Calypso ride nextdoor was still hibernating.    
CLICK THE MAP ABOVE TO RETURN TO THE 1982 PARK MAP. 17.  Splash Down's turntable was void of all it powder blue and white boats. 17. The lift hill sat idle and the spillover was bonedry.
Fast Fact:  In 1982, Kodak's Splash Down flume ride still occupied a secluded and heavily wooded lakeside tract of land.  Up until just a couple of years prior to 1982 the flume ride was encircled by the scenic Great Train Ride.  
17.  The dual drops of the flume were empty as we made our way over to Roaring Rapids.    
CLICK THE MAP ABOVE TO RETURN TO THE 1982 PARK MAP. 18.  The loading docks were barren compared to the hectic days during the ride's first operating season. 18. The operator's booths were enclosed in plastic and plywood to protect the electronic panels found within them.
Fast Fact:  Roaring Rapids is pictured here after its first winterization after being installed for the 1981 season.
18.  There was a "0 minute wait" for the Roaring Rapids. 18. The decorative rockwork at the ride's entrance seemed to be smiling hello.  
CLICK THE MAP ABOVE TO RETURN TO THE 1982 PARK MAP. 19. Lightnin' Loops' silver track glistened in the winter sunshine. 20. The Matterhorn had been taken down to just its basic ride structure.   New sleigh-shaped cars would be added in a couple of weeks.
Fast Fact:  In 1982, Lightnin' Loops was the only ride in the park that turned guests upside down.
21. The red train sat valleyed on the lower blue loop's track of Lightnin' Loops after having just been reinstalled after a lengthy refurbishment. 21.  Looking back at the Enchanted Bandstand, concrete work was being completed around several trees.  
CLICK THE MAP ABOVE TO RETURN TO THE 1982 PARK MAP. 22.  The Scrambler was ready to take on its first passengers of the year. 23. We had heard but did not see the Swiss Bob testing that day.
24.  Not to be shown-up by her big brother, the Little Wheel was also ready to take on Ferris Wheel fans. 25. The repainted Rotor just needed the canvas cover atop the ride and it would be ready to go. 26. No group outings were scheduled in the Garden of Eatin' for the day of our tour.
CLICK THE MAP ABOVE TO RETURN TO THE 1982 PARK MAP. 27. As we started to head back to the entrance of the park we passed by the Haunted Castle. 27. The castle moat and fountain had been drained.
27.  Once again, lines were minimal! 28. The multicolored Musik Express was music-free and without its rotating canvas cover. 29.  Woodworking was in progress on the wall and exit gate of the Enterprise ride.
30. Near the Hocus Pocus Magic Shop ground work was being completed near a new storm water inlet. 31.  Standing just inside the main gates it was clearly evident it was still winter. 32.  Off in the distance we could see the Miniature Golf Course.
Fast Fact:  The park has definitely changed since 1982.  Only 6 of the 21 rides mentioned in this tour remain operating at the park today.   
32.  Closer up, we noticed all the fiberglass animal props had been removed and put into storage.    
CLICK THE MAP ABOVE TO RETURN TO THE 1982 PARK MAP. 33. Hundreds of garbage cans from around the park had been gathered for maintenance and cleansing. 34. Finishing up our grand circle tour of the park, we reentered the Goodtime Alley construction site. 
Fast Fact:  In just four short weeks after these pictures were taken, the park was up and running.  Even the Joust-A-Bout managed to be completed for the April 7th season opener!  
35.  Back at the security gate, our tour was over but the memories would last for years to come.    
Click on the image below to view the 1982 Great Adventure pre-season opener commercial which aired shortly after this tour.