Ride - Monster Spin Ride - Dream Street Dazzler MOVED
Ride - Scrambler (Close Encounters) Ride - Enterprise (I) Matterhorn
Ride - Haunted House (walk-thru) Ride - Gondola  
Coaster - Lightnin' Loops Ride - Wild Rider (Troika) RENAMED
Coaster - Wild Rider Coaster - Big Fury Enchanted Forest Snack Stand = Fairground Hamburgers
Kiddie Ride - Astro Liner Kiddie Ride - Clown Bounce
Shows - Americana Music Hall Attraction - BalloonLand Fountain Fishery =
Fountain SnackStand
Shows - Fireworks at the Fort  
Games - Skeeball Barn   Aqua Spectacle =
Cap 'n Crunch Aqua Spectacle
Games - Bell Ringer  
Shop - Emporium   Bandstand = Bandstand on the Lake
Facilities - Dream Street Blockade   Puppet Theater = Perthy P. Pelican's Puppet Show Stage
Food - Lightnin' Loops Cafe  
Food - Aunt Jemima Waffles   GAF Photo Fair = Film Fair
Food - Drink Stand Fort   Bicentennial Photos =
Front GatePhotos
Food - Drink Stand Kiddie Kingdom  
Food - Drink Stand Dream Street   Aqua Souvenirs = Shirt Shop & Leather Craft
Drink Stand - Neptune's Kingdom  
    Main Entrance Group Sales/Guest Relations = Main Entrance Group Sales/Guest Relations/Season Pass