The Big Red Planes at Six Flags Great Adventure



The Big Red Planes were the only new ride added to the park in the 2007 season.   The ride is a Zamperla ride, which is offered with vehicle variations such as rockets, elephants or airplanes.    In this case the ride was outfitted with planes that are large enough for adults as well as children so families can ride together.
Added in 2007 as part of the new Wiggle's World section of the park, the Big Red Planes ride is a larger version of the standard Zamperla plane ride, with increased capacity. 

The Big Red Planes were given a cartoonish look with clouds on the support arms and central structure as well as a globe in the center, with an "X" in the center of North America and the Six Flags logo, as well as the Wiggle's World logo around the globe.
Watch video of the
Big Red Planes: