Wiggle's World at Six Flags Great Adventure

As Six Flags attempts to change its image to a more family oriented park company, new licensing deals were made for characters who were more recognizable by the youngest visitors. One of the most popular shows for the youngest guests has been the Wiggles, and Great Adventure was chosen as one of the first parks to add the new Wiggles World sections.

For the 2007 season, Six Flags chose three parks to host new Wiggle's World areas, and Great Adventure's was the first of the three to debut in the spring.

The colorful new section was created from a portion of the Looney Tunes Seaport area, as well as a portion of the former Hydro Flume ride area.   The new section brought new life to what had been a dead end path that was hard to reach and tucked away.

The bright colors, music and fun were just the right combination to create a family atmosphere, and refresh the look of the aging and neglected section of the park. 
Colorful new pavement, buildings, rides, landscaping and theme elements took the once drab area and made it look like a fun place to be.

The fountain which had been the centerpiece of the Looney Tunes Seaport was made over with a Henry the Octopus figure, and a whimsical stone front.

The area fences, lightposts and structures all received facelifts of bright colors.   These facelifts were a cost effective way of creating a new space using the existing infrastructure.

As guests entered the park, a giant inflatable Wiggle character was there to greet them.

Throughout Wiggle's World new flat panel monitors were installed, and showed continuous programming featuring the Wiggle's shows and concert performances.

Catering to the needs of the Wiggles fan demographics, large stroller parking areas were setup for the theatre.  Colorful props and images of the Wiggles characters were one of the key ingredients to make the area special and unique.
S.S. Feathersword Play Structure
One of the key features of the new Wiggles World area was the addition of the SS Feathersword, which is a children's play structure featuring slides and other play equipment to explore.

The whimsical ship was surrounded by an ocean of blue soft play mat, which had several small soft play elements geared toward the toddler set.
With the heat of summer, several shade structures were added on and around the ship to help keep the slides and elements cooler for the young guests.
Yummy Yummy Cafe & Other Food Outlets
The colorful Yummy Yummy Cafe was included in Wiggles World as part of the makeover.  This small restaurant was built as Andre's River Fries in 1992 as part of the Adventure Rivers section of the park.   After the removal of Adventure Rivers in 1999, the restaurant changed names to Chippy's, but being in an isolated location rarely did any business and  as a result was rarely open except at the peak of the season.

The new look and new kid-oriented menu brought new life and purpose to the restaurant.

In addition, a Dippin Dots stand was moved into Wiggles World, and given a makeover with colorful swirls that matched the surrounding theme elements.
Shopping & Games
With an extensive line of DVDs, CDs and other merchandise, the addition of the Wiggles Gift Shop was a natural fit for the new area.

A colorful makeover of the existing shop which had been built in 1991 as the River's Edge Trading Post for the Adventure Rivers section of the park made the perfect spot for all manner of Wiggles merchandise, as well as photos and snacks.  The building which had been under-utilized for years finally had a new purpose.

A small game stand was setup in Wiggles World offering young players a chance to win a prize to take home with them.   With a prize for every player, it offered a fun way for kids to "win" a souvenir of their visit to the park and to the new Wiggles World.

Get Ready To Wiggle Show
At the center of the Wiggles World are is the Get Ready To Wiggle show, which was given its own new theatre.

This new show facility was built using the existing platform and canopy of the Hydro Flume ride that was removed to make way for the Wiggles.   The round turntable made an ideal stage for the popular Wiggles Characters to sing and dance for their adoring fans.   The canvas tent roof was given a fresh coat of paint in primary colors, giving the stage and backstage areas protection from sun and rain.

Seating was added along with a colorful sun shade over the audience.  

The former flume trough was filled with landscaping and helped refresh the look of the once run down area.
The energetic cast of characters of the Get Ready To Wiggle Show played to large crowds.   Both cast and audience seemed to enjoy the shows, as well as the chance to interact and pose for pictures afterwards.
The Rides of Wiggle's World
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The rides incorporated into Wiggle's World were all manufactured by Zamperla.

Dorothy's Racing to the Rainbow, and Bouncing with Wags were both existing rides which had the old Looney Tunes theme elements removed and had colorful new Wiggles character elements take their place, along with fresh paint and general refurbishment.

The Big Red Cars ride took an existing 4x4 truck themed ride, and replaced the ride vehicles with new red cars.   Additionally, new scenery and fresh bright colors were added to the ride structures.

The only new ride added was the Big Red Plane ride.   The Big Red Planes offered a variation on the traditional elephant/plane style spin and lift ride which already exists in several locations around the park, with a larger scale ride, featuring much higher capacity.
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