Rides geared towards children generally are a variation on the transportation ride or a spinning ride (either horizontal or vertical), with manufacturers always looking to create unique versions of the ride experience. One of the leading manufacturers of these rides has been Zamperla, who continue to innovate children's and family rides with new styles and thematic options.

One of the most popular children's attractions offered by Zamperla is the "Crazy Submarine/Bus" ride which offers a mild thrill to kids and allows parents to ride with them. The rides have become a staple of theme parks, amusement areas, and fairs with a wide variety of theme options available. The ride's drive mechanism is located behind a backdrop wall which offers more possibility for decorations.

The submarine shaped ride vehicle is suspended by two arms with counterweights which operate in synchronized motion. The ride vehicle remains level throughout the ride cycle, rising and falling quickly as the arms move clock wise or counter clockwise. At the midpoint of the ride, the arms reverse direction.

Prior to being reinstalled in a sub-ground level pit, the ride briefly operated with an elevated loading dock.  Within a month of opening the ride was repositioned and the loading area reconfigured.
Technical Specifications
Ride Name: Crazy Submarine
Ride Manufacturer: Zamperla
Motive Power: 20 KW
RPM: 10 RPM Max
Weight: 9 tons
Shipment: 1 x 40' O.T.
Seats: 24 Children
Hourly Capacity: 480 Children
The Daffy Diver was added as part of the 1999 "War on Lines" in the Looney Tunes Seaport children's area. The ride was located along the edge of the section, with the ride's backdrop backing up to trees beneath the Riptide flume ride.

The Daffy Diver is a "yellow submarine" in the tradition of the Beatle's song, harkening back to one of the original planned attractions at Great Adventure.

The ride vehicle features round port hole style windows along both sides. The front of the ride features an over sized round window offering a great view for the riders. The top of the ride vehicle features a "sail" like a real submarine, complete with a periscope and hatch which Daffy Duck is clinging to wearing a snorkel and diving mask. At the rear of the submarine there is a rudder and propeller. 
Behind the backdrop is the mechanical heart of the ride, where the supports for the ride and the motors and drive mechanism are located. The arms are synchronized through the drive mechanism, keeping the ride vehicle level at all times.

The arms are built offset, with the arms for the ride vehicle forward, and the arms for the counterweights closer to the backdrop, allowing the arms to pass each other in the ride cycle.

The backdrop features an underwater world with several of the Looney Tunes characters diving under the sea in what appears to be the ruins of a lost civilization.
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Daffy Diver

The Daffy Diver was immediately a huge success with park guests. The ride was something for children to enjoy offering moderate thrills as well as allowing parents to ride with them. The ride remains popular to this day.