For Great Adventure's fourth season only one new ride was added, but the park continued to grow and improve. The "new" ride was actually a very old ride that had been brought from England along with the park's Carousel. The Spindeltop Gondola, like the Carousel, dated back to the 1800's and was originally a steam powered ride that traveled the fair circuit in England. The unique old ride was the only one its kind in the United States, but it only lasted one season at Great Adventure.

Entertainment was added in several forms throughout the park including a new puppet theater, new shows, and even new characters with the addition of some of the Marvel Comics superheroes. Captain America, Spiderman and Ms. Marvel were all found throughout Great Adventure. All of the parks characters and clowns could be seen daily in the "Great Parade".

More additions and changes took place with the park's food, merchandise and games locations with new stands being added around the park to help handle the crowds. The menus of the parks restaurants were tweaked and changed to help provide faster service and more popular food choices.

The biggest changes of all happened behind the scenes as the park changed ownership. The Six Flags theme park chain had begun acquiring existing parks rather than build from scratch as they had with their original three parks. They had acquired Astroworld in Houston in 1975 and made a success of the floundering theme park and looked to do the same when they acquired Great Adventure in 1977. The change in ownership and management meant big things would be in store for the future of the park.






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