October 6, 13, 20, 27
10AM - 11PM

October 7, 8, 14, 21, 28
10:30AM - 10PM

October 19, 26
5PM - 11PM
Demented Forest Terror Trail Voyage to Voodoo Island Elvira's Superstition
Main Street Graveyard Hypnosteria The AWAKEning Parade
Lakefront Graveyard Monster Mash Bash Trick or Treat Trail
Circus Psycho Dead and Local Music Showcase Kid's Costume Parade
  Dead Man's Party Elvira's Superstition
  Resurrection of the Marshmallow Man  
  Night of Shadows  
  Movietown Cemetary Statue Garden  
  Arena of Doom/The Winn's Thrill Circus  
  Psycho Circus  
  Cavalcade of the Odd  
  Wheel of Fright  
  Spooky Spells Magic Show  
  Professor Slither's Creepy Critters  
  Get Ready to Wiggle Halloween Show  
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The 2007 season of Fright Fest was a little different than previous years, being toned down further after concerns about unruly crowds in the previous years. The new Six Flags focus was on trying to bring back families and young children and focus less on the teen thrill seekers. As a result, Fright Fest was also scaled back slightly with an increased emphasis on safety and security in the park.

The scary atmosphere was somewhat dampened by the park's emergency lighting system being turned on for the event to illuminate some of the darker areas of the park. Darkness makes for a scarier Halloween experience but it also causes safety issues.

The ever popular hayride was eliminated and replaced with a stunt show in the Arena. Many guests saw this as a downgrade to their experience, but there were many logistical, safety and cost issues with the hayride. At the time Six Flags was restructuring it's massive debts incurred by previous management, so budget cutting was going on everywhere, including Fright Fest.